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History of the wine rack

Many wine biologists have found that early Europeans used caves to store wine in the proper environment. Hence, this is where the invention of the wine rack started. These wine racks were made from hardwood and designed to keep wine bottles on their sides. To store wine bottles in this way is preferred and can be visible and many other manufacturers. These wine racks were only designed to hold favourable sparkling wine in the Methode traditionelle. Also known as the second fermentation of wine to create the old version of champagne. Wine bottles were made from glass and came in the shape of tall bottles with long necks. Today’s wine builders love using clear heart redwood to construct wine racks. These wine racks are made in such a fashion to keep wine bottles on their sides. It is a prefered type of wood as it turns a stunning red as the wood ages, which adds to the visual appeal of the storage area, such as the slim wine racks. 

The history of a wine bottle

Early versions of the wine bottle were different. The ancient Egyptians used to store their wine in clay pots. Some are small enough to carry or bury. The Egyptians were the first innovators of succulent wine from grapes grown in their fields. 

History of the wine cork

An oak tree, a Quercus suber, is used today to make wine corks. These trees are primarily taken from forests specially made to harvest these trees. Countries such as Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, and North Africa have most of these forests worldwide. In addition, these trees can only be harvested to make wine corks after the perfect ageing time of 15 to 25 years. Primarily the wine cork is pivotal to the correct time wine takes to age in the right environment. Such as in a proper wine cellar or today’s modern age wine fridge. Hence, it has helped with the preservation of wine for many years. 

Facts about wine fridge racks

Wine racks wield the capacity to store precious wine bottles of wine. However, if held upward, the wine bottle’s cork will dry out, and unwanted moisture seeping through. Furthermore, this upward and undesirable arrangement of bottles will spoil or even damage the label attached to the wine bottles. Most desired wine racks come in the wooden version. But with the evolution of a wine fridge, there are also wine racks made from solid steel or glass. This all depends on the wine connoisseur’s taste. Always ensure to use solid built wine racks to avoid unwanted accidents occurring. Anyway, these wine racks can optimise the storage capacity in your wine fridge and can be installed as wall-mounted displays. It is recommended to avoid storing wine in a room, such as a kitchen, which might be the warmest in your house. And it is of utmost importance to not let the unit be exposed to direct sunlight. But these wine racks can also enhance to storage space needed in a kitchen. 

The future of wine racks

Wine racks come in many shapes and forms but always consider your needs. We might look back at our history and wonder how we saw the perfect wine rack and aesthetic appeal. Wine historians can also contribute their wondrous findings to revamp the current functions of wine racks.